Welcome to Fuller Farms!

We are a small 32 acre farm located in rural south east Oklahoma in what was formerly part of the Ouachita National Forest. We raise Poultry for fun and to provide fresh Eggs to the local market. We specialize in American Heritage breeds, primarily the Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens and Narragansett Turkeys.

It is our goal to raise our animals and the produce from our garden in the most natural ways possible with little to no synthetic additives. That even includes the water which is captured from the roofs of the coops and greenhouse and directed to the watering stations. The poultry are raised and kept according to the Certified Humane regulations so you can be assured of proper healthy conditions, fair humane treatment and good quality food. We are proud members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Our poultry is Pastured not just 'cage free'. Each afternoon after laying time they're free to roam the pasture and eat whatever they find in the grass, and find they do! Our egg production ebbs and flows as nature intended. Spring and summer provide eggs in abundance but in winter production slows and the chickens molt. We do not maintain artificial light to keep production up in the winter, light comes from the sun, no more, no less.

We invite you to browse around our site and to come try some of our eggs. We'll put them up against any that you get in the store. There's nothing like our farm fresh eggs, you'll taste the difference!

















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